BOM Software
for project-based
metal manufacturers

Manage all production projects in one environment and save
tens of hours of data entry time every month

- Simultaneous access for the whole team
- Easily manage production documentation
- Duplicate projects to avoid repeating same process over and over

We are co-developing a state-of-the-art Bill of Materials software together with the biggest project-based metal manufacturer in Estonia- Viljandi Metall.

The software will help project-based metal manufacturers maneuver around the most common bottlenecks and obstacles.

Sounds interesting?

Request a demo to get a sneak peak of the solution in it's current state!
Me arendame koostöös Eesti suurima projektipõhise metallitootja, Viljandi Metalliga tipptasemel BOM ehk Bill of Materials tarkvara projektipõhistele metallitööstuse ettevõtetele.

Tarkvara aitab ettevõtetel ületada kõige levinumad kitsaskohad ja takistused.

Kõlab huvitavalt?

Küsi demo, et saada esimeste seas ülevaade tarkvara võimekusest ja selle hetkeseisust!
What makes us stand out?
We know what is important for project-based metal manufacturers, and this will be reflected in the functionality of the BOM software.
We know what is important for project-based metal manufacturers, and this will be reflected in the functionality of the BOM software.
Instant duplication of assemblies and use them anywhere in a project
Multi-level tree structure for projects
An easily understandable visual structure that reduces the time it takes to "read" the structure and therefore also lowering the number of errors
Reusable predefined routing
Describe the work processes before starting the job and reuse the same sequence of operations repeatedly during the project
Project status overview
Stay up to date with the current state of projects. Quick and easy overview for all users
Calculation of project costs and preparation of tender
Set prices for both materials and labour at row level and the software calculates the total amounts. If you make an offer from this stage, the price will be the total amount of material and work
Import a list of materials from Excel
If the project has unique products, articles, details or assemblies, you will not need to enter them into the database in advance. A new article is created for them during the import. This makes data entry many times faster than with conventional solutions!
It is possible to create new articles while inserting the BOM

Materials and operations are in the same view and are visually distinguishable

Possibility to create multi-level structures

It is possible to assign operations to the material line

You can make drag and drop operation changes

Possibility to copy-paste data

You can attach a JPG, PNG, and PDF file

You can attach a DXF and STEP file
Eziil Production Intelligence's
BOM solution

An Average
BOM solution

BOM-i sisestamise ajal on võimalik luua uusi artikleid

Materjalid ja toimingud on ühes vaates ja visuaalselt eristatavad

Võimalus luua mitmeastmelisi struktuure

Materjalijoonele on võimalik määrata toiminguid

Saate teha operatsiooni muudatusi drag and drop viisil

Võimalus andmeid kopeerida ja kleepida

Saate lisada JPG, PNG või PDF faile

Saate lisada DXF või STEP faili
Eziil Production Intelligence'i
BOM lahendus

Keskmine BOM lahendus

Manufacturer feedback
Request a demo to see the solution in action
The solution is not live yet, so we show demos of its current status (which some people find already impressive) only to the early adopters willing to give us feedback.
No strings attached. Invest 45 minutes and get to see something new that is not even on the market yet!
Riiko Kaseorg
Business Development Manager, focused on project-based metal manufacturers
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