We make production
data flow
between departments

All growing project-based metal manufacturing companies run into the same problems.

Managing projects with spreadsheets is time-consuming, every engineer has a different "language" on blueprints, file storage is all over the place.

The good news? Eziil's Bill of Materials software can solve these problems.

Invest 45 minutes for a free demo and we'll show you:
    Project-based metal manufacturers like you already see the value
    Martin Lehemets
    Chief Operating Officer - VMT Tehased AS
    The big value from using the Eziil Production Intelligence BOM solution is time savings. People can do work that creates real value. They do not have to deal with duplicate data entry.
    Artur Prees
    Managing Director - Vertex Estonia AS
    With the Eziil BOM software, we see an opportunity to make managing our projects and information more efficient.
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