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Manage all production projects in one environment and save
tens of hours of data entry time every month

- Simultaneous access for the whole team
- Easily manage production documentation
- Duplicate projects

New BOM (bill of materials) software soon to be launched by EZIIL* software creators

We know the huge amount of time and energy required for the preparation of each new project. There are challenges and obstacles along each stage, adding on more and more time in an already busy day.

In EZIIL, we are developing a state-of-the-art BOM software with solutions to these obstacles. Simultaneous access to multiple projects makes the exchange of information between the technologist and the designer fast and smooth. The designer can upload lists of materials and drawings, and the technologist can get on with the next steps at the same time. Setting up a project using BOM software has been made easy by offering standard routing definition and the option to create duplicate assemblies. It is no longer necessary to start building a project from scratch if the project has assemblies that overlap with another project, you can now easily re-use from other projects. You can also compile comprehensive documentation for the production department, including route maps and pick lists . Employees get a quick overview of what the previous operations were and details of what operations come next. They will also have an overview of what specifically comes from outsourcing. This helps employees focus on activities that will create more value.
We know what is important for project-based metal manufacturers, and this is reflected in the functionality of the EZIIL BOM software.
Instant duplication of assemblies and use them anywhere in a project
Multi-level tree structure for projects
An easily understandable visual structure that reduces the time it takes to "read" the structure and therefore also lowering the number of errors
Reusable predefined routing
Describe the work processes before starting the job and reuse the same sequence of operations repeatedly during the project
Project status overview
Stay up to date with the current state of projects. Quick and easy overview for all users
Calculation of project costs and preparation of tender
Set prices for both materials and labour at row level and the software calculates the total amounts. If you make an offer from this stage, the price will be the total amount of material and work
Import a list of materials from Excel
If the project has unique products, articles, details or assemblies, you will not need to enter them into the database in advance. A new article is created for them during the import. This makes data entry many times faster than with conventional solutions!
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Riiko Kaseorg
Business Development Manager, focused on project-based metal producers
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* EZIIL is a manufacturing software (MRP II) used by 40+ companies in the fields of metal, wood, and furniture. With 5+ years in the market, we have gathered the knowledge needed for digitalizing any manufacturing company.
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